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Take charge of your learning at the All Day Breakfast

Social Media Breakfast: Waterloo Region

Social Media Breakfast: Waterloo Region has been a great success since I founded it on June 30, 2010. We’re averaging 90 people per event since we started and have had crowds this winter of 170 and 130.

Join me at the All Day Breakfast

Due to this thirst for social media learning opportunities, I have organized what we’re calling an All Day Breakfast on May 29. On the one hand, the day will be like attending three of our regular breakfast events. We have three excellent speakers lined up.

Natalie MacNeil of She Takes on the World will share the story behind her award-winning blog for women entrepreneurs. Jeremy Wright of 23press.com will explore how people can use their time on social media most efficiently and remain authentic. And the day will kick off with Shum Attygalle of Digital Marketing Lounge who will present how businesses can benefit from location-based marketing tools like Foursquare. Each will take your questions.

Take charge of your learning!

But what I’m most excited about are the 24 sessions that will come from the day’s participants.

Something we’ve emphasized from the beginning is that people attending Social Media Breakfast have as much to learn from each other as they do from our speakers and panelists. We’re now taking it a step further and having an all day UNconference to give participants a chance to set the topics they want to explore and select the sessions that best suit their personal agenda for learning. By making participants active learners, All Day Breakfast sets itself apart from other social media conferences.

We’ll have four sets of six sessions so there should be at least one session in each set that will help you get your head around some social media issue, enhance your skill set or learn about new tools to explore.

If you want to be sure that what you are most interested in is discussed, you are encouraged on the day of the conference to put forward ideas for the UNconference sessions. You can suggest ideas such as:

  • questions you want answered
  • a topic that you would like to discuss
  • a project you would like help on

We’re holding it as a presentation, pitch-free zone to encourage everyone to actively participate, share, be heard and ask questions important to them.

Examples of sessions could be:

  • Encouraging interaction on Facebook pages
  • Using Google+ hangouts
  • Integrating social media into your marketing mix
  • Developing a content strategy
  • How do I decide who to follow on Twitter?
There could be up to 200 people there. If you want to talk about something, there’s probably others who do too. Put your idea up on the board when you get there. Chances are not all the spaces will be filled up early in the day and you’ll also have a chance throughout the day to suggest topics that you haven’t had a chance to discuss or that have been inspired by an earlier session.

If you sign up a session, you are the leader but that really just involves helping to kick off the discussion by explaining why you suggested it and possibly asking some questions along the way.

Join a session that isn’t meeting your needs? The rule of two feet will be in effect. Just get up and find another session that you’d like to check out until you find the best one for you.

What happens is up to you! Whatever happens is whatever can happen on that day with that group of people.

I’m excited by this concept because it taps into the expertise and experience we each have. These sessions also allow you to take charge of your learning.

So come to the All Day Breakfast! Be active! And leave with more answers, knowledge and contacts than you had when you arrived.


One comment on “Take charge of your learning at the All Day Breakfast

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